Saturday, January 9, 2010

The Three-Legged Fox Update-No Pics Though

Just to let you all know that the crippled fox is still alive and doing well. The last I saw him was January 28, 2010. Now the snow has gotten quite deep and it's been so cold that they all are staying close to their dens. But on the 31st of Dec. the crippled one was right outside my living room window where I could get a real good look at him. I even shined a flashlight on his leg to see how it looked. He has chewed all the bones down and has healed up real nicely and looks big and healthy. He runs real fast on those three legs also!! If he sees any movement from my window he's off in a flash. I won't be getting any pictures unless I just happen to catch him out back some night as I'm flashing my camera at anything out there...
Nature takes care of the critters pretty well. I am always so happy to see him doing so well.