Wednesday, November 11, 2009

A Gray Fox Pup Tradgedy-Nov. 8, 2009

This was a sad day when I saw this fox limp out of the woods. His foot was dangling and two bones were protruding. It looked like he had been shot or caught in a trap.
This is one of the young pups. He's only 8 months old. He always hangs with his two other siblings and the mother. Two days later he was sitting out there on the grass and I noticed that he had chewed the dangling foot off. I am so worried about those bones and that he won't heal properly or get Gangrene in it. I am in contact with the Wildlife Rehabilitation people and the DEC. They say there isn't much they can do at this time because he is on the move and getting around good. I'm supposed to watch him and if he shows signs of illness or slowing down then that is when they will try to trap him and get him to a Vet. I think by that time he will be too far gone to save. Winter is going to be setting in soon and I fear he won't be able to survive. He needs to have those bones sawed down and skin drawn around that stub to heal the right way. Maybe he will chew those bones down. I sure hope so. I will worry every day now till I see he is doing okay or they can trap him. If they do trap him and get him to a Vet, they will keep him till he's healed and then bring him back here to be with his family. Nature is so cruel and so are the damn hunters and trappers that leave these animals to suffer.
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  1. Breaks my heart. Mother Nature is sometimes amazing though and the wound may eventually heal over. My Dad was a big hunter and used to tell stories about animals he would see missing limbs. Come over and pay your last respects to "Mean Rooster" Ginny...

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