Sunday, November 15, 2009

The Three Legged Gray Fox Update

My wounded fox is still coming around each day to get some food.  I got a few bad photos on the 14th and one today. He ran back into the woods today because of the noisy people upstairs. I never saw him again. That pissed me off when those jerks upstairs wouldn't get away from the window. I hope the fox came back after dark. The others do but not sure about him. I worry so much about that bone protruding out of his leg and that he might get gangrene in it. But I will watch him as long as he keeps coming and if I see him slowing down I will tell the Rehabbers. But I don't really think they want to be bothered. I just have that feeling. Hopefully I'm wrong.


  1. He's a handsome guy..!!I wonder how he lost a leg
    I'd be sad if I thought he lost it in a trap..

  2. He got shot in that leg and it shattered the whole lower part. The paw was there at first but he chewed it off two days later. Now I wish he would chew off those protruding bones so he can heal the right way and not get infected. He is a very handsome guy. And since I watched him grow up it makes me very sad. Thanks Deena.