Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Update On Crippled Fox-November 24, 2009

I spotted him this evening! I hadn't seen him in three days so was very worried. I can't really tell but I think he might have chewed those bones down. I sure hope so! Then he might have a chance of surviving. This is a slide show I made of his photos. I can't take video any more because they only come after dark now. I am lucky when I do happen to catch him in a shot when I randomly take flash pictures from my window at night. I never know what I will see till I get them on the computer. Was very happy to see him in them tonight!

My crippled fox showed up!! He was right outside my living room window tonight. I had to be very careful not to spook him. I was trying to see his leg. It was dark out there but a little light was coming from the apartment next door. It looks like he doesn't have those bones protruding any more and he looks real healthy. I am so happy!!

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